Carlijn Elianne

In this series of ‘People’, I want to portray my sources for inspiration. In this post, I was lucky enough to get a very personal interview after discovering a newly launched business through Instagram.

Entrepeneur at heart

The worldwide pandemic has been a challenge for businesses and individuals. However, it has also been an advantage for people to take their time and gather their thoughts. This was the case for Carlijn – owner and founder of L’elianne.

This June, Carlijn decided to finally launch her own e-commerce business all by herself. When she registered her brand name she had to wait two weeks, and in that spare time she wrote a business plan with several important strategies that included a marketing plan, a social media plan, and a financial plan. Within two weeks, she was also able to find a supplier who was willing to design and create this new luxurious travel bed with her that would take dogfluencers by storm.

As any other individual, she didn’t know where to start her dreams of launching her own business. While being an International Business student at Eurocollege, she has met a lot of interesting people. These people had their own businesses and they always told her of the advantages. The combination of meeting the right people and reading the right books has changed her mindset tremendously. Books written by Anthony Robbins, Timothy Ferris, and Napoleon Hill have made her think again about what she really wanted to do with her life.

Why the dog-market?

The dog market was the first market that I was positive about and where I started believing. I discovered on Instagram that many people have made accounts for their dogs, as well as they seem to have a lot of reliable followers. The possibilities and opportunities for me were to create a Brand Ambassador team for L’élianne. I have gathered fourteen supportive and enthusiastic dog influencers on Instagram. This team is well-known for their support and promoting skills. I have made an agreement with them to be featured on the website and the possibility to earn money from promoting. This team is so loyal and I brainstorm with them all the time. The team consists of people from all over the world, such as Norway, Canada, Spain, United States, England, and more.

What are your plans for the future?

For L’Elianne, I’m planning to grow brand awareness and that people associate the brand as a high-quality, luxurious dog brand. I’m already shipping internationally, but I would also like to find trustable partners to work with. The plan now is to expand to different high-quality pet stores worldwide and look for long-term business partners. I’m already designing new products and working on solutions for bigger dogs as well, but it needs to be special and unique. Unfortunately, I’m not a designer so I have some challenges with that. My personal future goals would be setting up other companies because I get so much energy from entrepreneurship. I haven’t figured out yet what kind of company, but time will tell.

What advice would you give future entrepreneurs?

I really do think that if someone is considering setting up a business, they should do it. The rush you’re getting from your own hard work, something you have designed, something that is yours, and when it turns out better than you expected – it’s an indescribable feeling. Personally, I don’t think I would experience this kind of rush if I had a regular job. I really think that all your dreams can come true, as long as you believe in yourself, and as long as you work very hard for it. I do believe that if your results are average, so is your effort.

The advice that I would give to any future entrepreneur would be to not trust everyone that you meet. I have experienced some people that tried to copy what I’m doing. Don’t tell the whole inside story about the business. That is an important lesson for me that I have learned within these five months.

If you have a dog that you love to take with you everywhere, I strongly recommend checking out L’Elianne’s Instagram for the upcoming products.

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