Hi, I’m Valeria✌️. I’m from Bolivia, raised in Norway, and currently living in the Netherlands. I hope that through this website I can show you a few of my challenges and achievements throughout my 20-somethings.


When I was 7 years old, my mother told my brother and I that we would be moving to Norway. To be honest, I didn’t know anything about the country, nor did my brother. All we knew was what my older cousin told us: that the Vikings would be waiting for us when we arrive 😬.

At the airport in Bolivia 🚀

There were many challenges besides changing environments and learning a strange language. One of the hardest ones was not having my family next door, and moving to a freezing ghost town in the middle of nowhere.

First time touching snow in Norway 🤪

However, I’m so fortunate to have a smart, kick-ass woman as a mother that loves the internet! She decided to create a blog about me growing up to keep in touch with my family across the world. She shared my insanities, adventures, and difficulties for 4 years. Eventually, I took a distance from that part of my life (puberty, ugh!).

My beautiful madre & I 😘


Although I just spent my past 3 years studying here in the Netherlands, I still find a lot of new stories to tell. I came to realize that not only do I have family across the planet, but also many friends.

Friends & I in Rotterdam 🎉

However, my main focus for the foreseeable future will be about the people that inspire me and the skills that I develop. I hope you will enjoy this journey with me ✌️

Pumpkin & I 😊

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